Let us  introduce you to an idea which was started a long time ago as one of the earliest forms of political life.

Since the beginning of civilization the societies were aware of the need to inquire with the general population. The progress, however, proved more difficult to implement. Technically it is impossible to gather so many people to do this task.

The Classical direct democracy – the ‘Athenian democracy’ was the first real direct democratic system of government. Major political role in the country was a so-called ‘National Assembly.’ It was responsible for all the important issues affecting the population. Every freeman had participated in surveys, regardless of their economic status. Besides this there were many public offices through which the civil society was engaged in management of police, military, choosing public officials or firing ministers.

This was probably the greatest form of ancient civilian rule, but it also had certain limitations. With the creation of larger countries it become more difficult to gather the people in one place. In Europe it was changed  during the Roman Empire,when  the shift to the monarchic rule started to take place.

Today, Switzerland is the most popular country in terms of directly involving society with politics.

It consists of 26 cantons (small semi-independent state). Each canton has its own constitution, parliament, and government. They all participate together in a conference of the governments of Switzerland – to better coordinate and communicate.

We can see the application of direct democracy in other countries around the world:
2008 Lithuania referendum voted against the closure of ‘Ignalina’ nuclear plant.
2006 Italy voted to change the constitution.
2005 Canada voted in a referendum on a new voting system.
2004 Vote for Poland’s accession to the EU.
2002 USA voted to eliminate the tax on personal income.


myDirectDemocracy.org was created with the idea to organize communities around the world to build a new integrated open democratic system and create a worldwide ethical framework.

The main goal is to gather views on the organization, administration, ethics, technical aspects and the implementation. We created a social platform where discussions will try to redefine democracy as a concept and create a basis for ‘digital direct democracy’. A new kind of government, in which society is the driving force and will serve its own interests.

The growing worldwide dissatisfaction from government units (Increased over the last couple of years to about 70%. Source:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4245282.stm ), rapidly growing corruption and criminal economy have been in the center of many recent revolutions, which led to many lost lives . The peaceful solution to our problems depends on each person. In the age of the Internet, we have a real chance to break up with the status quo and take decision-making in our own hands.

Every person has the right to decide their own fate. This project is embracing the idea of a community that manages their own state and resources.
The people are capable and responsible to take decisions that will have an effect on their lives.

Biggest criticism toward the direct democratic model is its functionality. It is considered  that only small communities with shared values, regional and rich political culture perform well in this type of decision-making. Consider that this is a small barrier to redefine words like justice, honor, responsibility and faith.

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